Atemraubend – Villa Stuck in München, Zeichnungen aus dem Buch Urban Sketching München von Anja Nolte, Christophorus Verlag ©
Posted by | 10 09 2017
Buch Urban Sketching München im Handel!

Hurra! Endlich ist es da: Mein neues Buch Urban Sketching München zeigt die bayerische Metropole aus Künstlersicht. Mit 156 Seiten, 63 Texten, und mehr als 240 Zeichnungen. Ein opulentes Kilogramm*...

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Posted by | 10 08 2016
Schöne Tage in Clichy

...und Begegnungen mit liebenswürdigen Menschen :-)

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Posted by | 15 06 2016
HAXN #2 Madre Mio

WIP Aus dem Skizzenbuch - Italiener im besten Mannesalter :-)

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Posted by | 04 03 2016
ASIENREISE Pnompenh Street Barber

Cambodia, Pnompenh - what an exciting city. Arrived here after travelling the south of Cambodia with a small scooter - marvellous and kind of surreal. In Pnompenh Barbers are working...

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Posted by | 03 03 2016
ASIENREISE Kampot in Kambodscha

Campodia - Street in Kampot, City in the South of the Country. The old Lady in the front collected rubbish. The streetkitchen on the right ( red white), was our...

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Posted by | 23 02 2016

Sketchbook Vietnam- an evening at my favourite place to stay and eat and talk, draw and make Music. Hosted by the most kind and friendly family, best food and wonderful...

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Posted by | 18 02 2016
ASIENREISE Baby feel like…

Travelling Vietnam - B - B - Beach again, and nice Songs from the radio...

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Posted by | 15 02 2016
ASIENREISE Slut & Sloppy

Travelling Vietnam- Here comes SLUT & SLOPPY sketched at a roaring hot afternoon at the beachbar Phu Quoc - the Heat made me mad and poor yellow all over it:-)...

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Posted by | 13 02 2016
ASIENREISE Good morning Vietnam

Travelling in Vietnam... Today with the goal to Sketch the day as it passes by. This is the day so far. Now its 5 pm. Starting to get a bit...

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Posted by | 13 02 2016
ASIENREISE Zeichnen mit Chillisauce

Travelling in Vietnam - sketching the day - final Part. Cà = Vietnamese for Fish. Drawn with Choke - fixed with Vietnamese hairspray. colors are Chilisauce, Sojasauce, Beer and very...

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