Recent events in Ukraine led the Slanted publisher team to initiate the PostersCanHelp project.

Recent events in Ukraine have led us, the Slanted team, to ask what our work is really for? Can we accelerate the transition to a sustainable, fair, and just society through the power of design?

Slanted Publishers

They invited the design community to contribute with a piece of work and a donation. 434 people from all over the world participated.

Mockups Book Pages © Courtesy of the artists
Mockups Book Pages © Courtesy of the artists
Mockups Book Pages © Artists
Mockups Book Pages © Courtesy of the artists

We believe in the problem-solving power of design. We want to work every day towards a vision of the world that is sustainable, inclusive, equitable, and safe.

Slanted Publishers

So did I. Did we. I am talking about huhn and me :-)

The project has raised a total of €6,687.41 in donations!

This book is an effort to bring the global creative community together to take a small but valuable step towards solving the big problems of our time.

Slanted Publishers

To be exact, €2.990,21 for ARTHELPS and €3.697,20 for MSF-Médecins Sans Frontières.

Peace dance. huhn dance. Against war and fear, for solidarity and a loving together.

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Wherever you are – huhn loves to join you via augmented reality.  Download via button or scan the QR code.

(More detailed explanation with small video follows). huhn fights for free (dom) & peace.


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Vyshyvanka are traditional embroidery patterns, especially widespread in Ukrainian regions, where they are considered a national treasure.

Embroidered Ukrainian Map © Qypchak CC BY-SA 3.0

Based on this source i redraw all patterns and processed them into 3D PBR Materials.  They will be free to use for everybody. Download here soon.

Wyschywankas (…) are said to have functioned primarily as talismans. The embroideries were placed especially in such places where evil spirits could potentially enter the body of the person wearing it: for example, along the neckline, the end of the sleeves or the shoulders.

Source Wikipedia










Any profits beyond covering the costs of printing the book will also be donated by Slanted Publishers to ARTHELPS and MSF-Médecins Sans Frontières.

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The book “Posters Can Help “presents all the beautiful and important posters. Thread-stitched softcover book in full color is 17 x 24 cm big and presents 700 posters from 434 people on 256 pages with a preface of renowned design critic Steven Heller.

Chief Editorship Julia Kahl, Lars Harmsen / Design Lars Harmsen (CD), Viola Dessin (AD), Juliane Nöst. Editor Vicky Blake.

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