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La Graciosa - Lanzarote

Beach Bop

La Graciosa Lanzarote / Photos © Marion Kreutter / Berlin Germany
Berlin Mauerpark © Foto Anja Nolte © Graffiti Artwork by Eme Freethinker (Jamaika)

Swan ´n Lake

Mauerpark Berlin / Photos © Anja Nolte / Berlin Germany


Marion Kreutter Berlin, Germany


Birkenwald, Mauerpark Berlin, Germany © Marion Kreutter

Sturm, später.

Mauerpark Berlin, Germany © Marion Kreutter
Brandenburger Tor - former East Germany (DDR)

Mini Seight & See, Berlin

All photos by © Anja Nolte Berlin, Germany
Brandenburger Tor - former West Germany
Neptunbrunnen, Red city hall
Typical Berlin – construction site chaos.
Krodita with artwork from Mary-Audrey-Ramirez / Wilhelm Hallen / Berlin Artweek / Germany

First excursions

All photos by © Anja Nolte
Artinstallation SUR LA PLAGE by Michal Martychowiec / Artweek Berlin / YES TO ALL ,WILHELM HALLEN
Michal Martychowiec
On the way to YES TO ALL...
Artinstallation INFLATABLES © Sylvie Fleury / YES TO ALL, WILHELM HALLEN, Artweek Berlin
Sylvie Fleury
Wilhelm Hallen


Catwalk / Mauerpark - Berlin, Germany

Move your Poop

Squats / Mauerpark - Berlin, Germany

HAPPY BIRTDAY ! 4.September 2021 - Kroditas birthday :-)

My drawing, which inspired me to bring Krodita alive.

Copyrighted Image