Creative Quarterly Annual – 100 BEST 2015

Ein schöner Jahresanfang :-)

You have been selected as one of our top 100 artists, designers and photographers of 2015.We wanted to bring special attention to those artists, designers and photographers who appeared in our four issues in 2015. To start we selected a panel of judges from our featured artists, designers and photographers from the past year.
The judges were Nathan Walsh, fine artist, United Kingdom; Katherine Streeter, illustrator, New York; Oliver Munday, graphic designer, New York; Jennifer Davick, photographer, California.  Our judges selected the top 25 pieces in each of our four categories for special recognition.Winners will appear in our special 100 Best Annual to be produced in April 2016 and will be available in 3 formats: printed, PDF, and eBook. To pre-order your book go to this link. Thank you again for making our Annual special.”

Per Email vom Magazin Creative Quarterly The Journal of Art & Design aus den USA, wo ich im Jahr 2015 4 Werke aus dem Konstantin Kavafis Buch eingereicht hatte, die bereits prämiert wurden.


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