Screen-Recording Mc Kinsey / Spanien

Mireia Marrón Suárez from the Mc Kinsey depandance in Madrid engaged me to realize the screen recording for a powerpoint based speech at the Peopleday 2013 in Madrid. Based on a brillant briefing I illustrated and screen recorded 6 scenes related to the topics Inspiring Engagments, Staffing, Cennectivity and Community.The originate movies were implanted in powerpoint for the actual speech. Interested in giving your powerpoint speech or event more originality? Please contact my agent Margarethe Hubauer.

Expert of visualisation (timing much more quick than in original)


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Expert of briefing: In the center of the drawing, a team working around a table with 2 BAs, 1 Associate, 1 EM and 1 ED. The EM is standing by a black board (smiling) looking at the “Week Plan” (including TO DOs for the different members of the team). In the blackboard we can also read “Daily check in”. Close to the team, we can see a big thermometer with very high temperature (equivalent to the Team Barometer). On top of this drawing we should read: Inspiring Engagements…

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